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SLK 133 Sinking roller mechanical seal
Type :  SLK133
Temperature:  -20℃~+140℃
Technical parameters:  Yes
Pressure force:  ≤0.5MPa
Line rate:  ≤5米/秒
Materials:  Rotary Ring(Sic) Stationary Ring(Sic)
Order Hotline:0086-512-58728158
SLK 133 Sinking roller mechanical seal
  Cold-rolled strip steel prior to further processing, generally for pickling, degreasing, cleaning, etc. To improve the surface cleanliness of the steel strip processing measures. Such measures are usually done in each tank internal solutions. Generally the sinking in the tub inside the liquid is called sink roll roll. Sink roll drowned in the liquid inside, due to the requirements of transmission, its both ends are out of tub, so liquid through the sink roll and tub clearance leakage will inevitably produce. So, we need a pair of mechanical seals to seal the sink roll end face.
(tub: pickling tank (chemical pickling, electrolytic pickling), alkaline cleaning trough (chemical degreasing, electrolytic degreasing), quenching tank, electrolytic cell (electrolytic pickling, electrolytic degreasing) tub.