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Seal principles and characteristic
                            Seal principles and characteristic

The Principles and Basic Structure of Mechanical Seal
Seal principles and characteristic
1,the structure
1,Stationary seat 2,rotary assist seal ring 3,stationary assist seal ring4,anti-rotating pin 5,stationary ring 6,rotary ring 7,spring 8,spring seat 9,holding screw.
1.Holding screw put the spring to the shaft
2.Stationary ring's fixed
A notch in the stationary ring, fixed by anti-rotating pin and stationary seat. meanwhile ,the stationary seat contact with device.
2,seal principles
Mechanical seal is change the shaft seal which easy leakage to face seal .
When the shaft move, drive the spring seat spring platen and rotary ring aso parts move together. As the power of the spring make the rotary press on the stationary face .when the shaft move. the rotary ring move with the shaft together. Static ring still in the seat ,then the rotary and static face form a seal face to stop media leak.
There are four points seal for mechanical seal
1.Seal between Rotary and static ring ---rotary seal
2.Seal between Rotary ring and shaft or bushing ---relatively static seal
3.Seal between static and static seat --- static seal
4.Seal between static seat and device---static seal
The main characteristic for mechanical seal is sealing face is perpendicular to the rotation axis .
3,basic structure
(1)rotary ring and static ring
The material
Goodwear resistance to reduce wear effect.
Goodthermal conductivity ,come friction heat out in time.
Small porosity ,high structure, so as to avoid media penetration under pressure.
Rotary ring and static ring are pair of friction pairs, they have different hardness.
The way to match
Use metal match other un-metal when the viscosity of media is small and poor lubrication . use metal match metal when the viscosity is big.such as :car/cer/,car/sic/,sic/cer/.tc/tc.sic/sic,tc/sic.
(2) Spring loaded device
Effect: generate clamping force to keep rotary and static face close contact. A buffer element to offset the friction face without lamination which cause for shaft jump or processing error .
(3) secondary seal component
Model: O-shape ,V-shape, rectangular and so on .
the material of o-ring is NBR/EPR/VIT .V-Shape is PTFE material